Take a Tour of Johnny Marr's Guitar and Gear Collection

Johnny Marr's obsession with sound has led him to some impressive instruments. Here are a few of them.
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Walking into Johnny Marr’s studio, one is confronted by a sight that is every guitar-lover’s dream. As tools of the trade, his diverse collection of tried-and-trusted guitars - each with its own merits - is positioned within swift reaching distance and ready for action whenever inspiration strikes. While each instrument has its own tale to tell, they are all here for the same reason: to satisfy their owner’s lifelong passion.

“My story is the same as everyone else’s,” Marr says. “That whole ‘you and your mates going down to the guitar shop on a Saturday’ thing is part of guitar culture. When I was growing up, guitars were really exotic and hard to get your hands on. Sadly, there aren’t as many guitar shops around now, so it’s even more difficult, I guess. They still hold wonder for someone who’s 14, though.

“I always had an instinct for finding good guitars, at least for what suited me. The moment I pick up a guitar in a shop, I kind of know whether I’m going to click with it or not, even before I’ve put my second hand on it!”