See Guitarist Perform 45 Scales in One Solo | VIDEO


If you’ve ever wanted a handy guide to scales, you can’t do much better than the video below. Titled “45 Guitar Scales in 1 Solo,” it demonstrates a wealth of common and unusual scales played over a backing track, allowing you to hear how the various scales sound in use.

The video comes from the folks at, who brought you “30 Shredders in 1 Solo.”

For this video, Sinisa Cekic works through 45 scales, including familiar major and minor, diminished and harmonic scales, as well as exotic Hungarian minor, Balinese, Ethiopian Tizita minor, Spanish 8-tone scales and many more.

The video indicates which scale is in use and the chord being played for backing. Best of all, Cekic provides fretboard diagrams for all the scales and breakdowns of each section where you can see exactly what he’s playing and practice along. You can also get tab for the entire lesson at this link.