Robert Trujillo's 10-Year-Old Son to Play Kidpalooza with the Helmets | VIDEO


The Helmets are a Northern California band who started rocking together when they were eight. Now pushing double digits, at 10 and 11, the shredders have a few years of shows under their belts, and they're gearing up to play Lollapalooza's Kidpalooza on August 1 in Chicago.

The alternative rock band features bassist Tye Trujillo (10)—son of Metallica bassist, Robert Trujillo—guitarist Bastian Evans (10), drummer Kai Neukermans (10), and vocalist Bryan Ferretti (11). The Helmets have solid chops and capture the style of metal, grunge, punk, and heavy classic rock n’ roll with confident, high-energy performances and lots of head banging.

Here they are at a recent show in Pacifica, California with Trujillo's proud papa cheering them on.

Watch the young lads rock Chile:

Their influences include Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Ramones, QTSA, and Black Sabbath. They have also written a few originals to add to their playlist, including "Pop Sucks!" and "Thrash Doom."

They will be playing at Chicago's Lolapalooza's Kidpalooza on August 1 from 3:15-3:40. Sir Paul McCartney will be headlining the last night of Lollapalooza on August 2.

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