Photo Alert of New Van Halen Album?

A "sneak pic" has gotten Van Halen fans all riled up.
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This photo, posted on Facebook last week of Eddie Van Halen and Howie Weinberg at Weinberg's Lauren Canyon studio, has caused optimistic (and very observant) Van Halen fans to speculate that a new album could be on the way.

Weinberg, a mastering engineer, has worked with Tom Waits, The Mars Volta, Public Enemy, Aerosmith, The White Stripes, Dimebag Darrell, and, most tellingly, he mastered Van Halen's last album, A Different Kind of Truth, in 2012—their first album with David Lee Roth since the release of 1984.

Rumors have swirled since Roth, who reunited with the band in 2007, revealed in an interview that Van Halen had started work on their 13th album, saying "I write lyrics routinely, and the band plays together routinely—at least three times a week up at Ed's place."

No confirmation on whether they've progressed to Howie's place to actually master a new VH album.