Kat Dyson Shares Her Adventures with Prince on the ‘No Guitar Is Safe’ Podcast

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PHOTO: Jimmy Steinfeldt

When I walked into Loki Sonic Studios in Burbank, CA, to interview and jam with Kat Dyson for the No Guitar Is Safe podcast, I was surprised to find that despite the fact that I was a few minutes early, Dyson was already completely set up and playing. With a Paul Reed Smith in her hands, she was wailing through a Hughes & Kettner head, a Divided By 13 2x12 cabinet, a pedalboard containing a few stomp boxes, and an Audio-Technica System 10 Stompbox wireless system.

I immediately got the sense that Dyson, like many great players who regularly land great gigs, is the type of musician who shows up early wherever she goes—a trait that surely was appreciated by her former bosses, Cyndi Lauper and the late, great Prince, as well as her current boss, Italian superstar Zucchero.

The second thing that surprised me was that Dyson had set up a great rig for ME, too—a 100-watt BluGuitar AMP1 floorboard amp (designed by ace German guitarist and gear builder Thomas Blug) driving a Marshall 4X12 cabinet, with a Paul Reed Smith Starla on a guitar stand tuned up and waiting for me.

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Thanks for the nice welcome, Kat!

The thing that neither of us could predict, though, was that just five days after we recorded this episode of No Guitar Is Safe—an episode in which Dyson shared a deep look into what it was like to play guitar for Prince for many years and three albums—Prince would die in his Minneapolis studio.

So, as bonus follow-up to this episode, at the end you’ll hear an extra interview in which both Kat Dyson AND Mike Scott (who, as you’ll recall from Episode 12 of this podcast, also played with Prince for years) reflect on the passing of Prince and what he meant to them as a bandleader and friend.

This episode is brought to you by Audio-Technica and their System 10 Stompbox Wireless.

To hear Kat Dyson on the No Guitar Is Safe podcast, simply open your favorite Podcasts app and search for “No Guitar Is Safe,” or just click the iTunes, Soundcloud or RSS links below and look for Episode 25.

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