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Watch Robert Fripp Cover Black Sabbath’s "Paranoid" in a Prison Cell

King Crimson legend Robert Fripp has taken his ever-evolving approach to the guitar in a dizzying amount of fascinatingly off-beat directions over the course of his half-century-plus career. 

But this is a very strange turn, even for him.

In a video posted to the YouTube channel of his wife of 34 years, musician and actress Toyah Wilcox, Fripp – sporting fake tattoos, sitting in a fake prison cell and armed with a Fernandes Custom Gold – has a go at the Black Sabbath classic, "Paranoid." 

Meanwhile, Wilcox shows off her best dance moves behind the cell as Fripp chugs along, giving the whole scene a – in this writer's opinion – Twin Peaks sort of vibe. But hey, it's open to interpretation.

“Happy Sunday lunch from Toyah and Robert!” Fripp says after he's done channeling his inner Iommi.

An unexpected treat from the ever-unpredictable master...