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Watch Eddie Van Halen Shred at Van Halen’s Final Two Performances

When Van Halen closed out their 2015 North American tour with two performances at the Hollywood Bowl, on October 2 and October 4, we had no idea that these would be Eddie Van Halen's final live performances ever.

Sadly, the guitar hero succumbed to throat cancer yesterday, October 6, at the age of 65, leaving behind an unparalleled legacy that reshaped rock guitar playing and the guitar itself.

Eddie's enthusiasm for the instrument never waned – nor did his skills. If you need any evidence of this, check out his electrifying, brain-melting, near-10-minute solos from each the band's two Hollywood Bowl performances.

You can check out the October 2 solo above, and the October 4 solo below.

The guitar has truly lost one of its greatest ambassadors.