Wampler Debuts New Ratsbane Mini-Pedal

Wampler's new Ratsbane mini-pedal
(Image credit: Wampler)

Wampler has unveiled its new Ratsbane mini-pedal.

Inspired by the legendary ProCo Rat, the overdrive/distortion/fuzz mini-pedal aims to run the tonal gamut from light 'drive to all-out fuzz mayhem, with controls for volume, filter, and distortion.

The filter – described by Wampler as the Ratsbane's "secret sauce" – gives users a clear "high-frequency attack" when turned counter-clockwise, and a satisfying, warmer sound when turned clockwise.

The distortion, meanwhile, gives the user rich harmonics and a "throaty," fuzz-filled distortion when cranked, and a deep gain-booster when dialed down.

Wampler's new Ratsbane mini-pedal

(Image credit: Wampler)

A gain switch, meanwhile, offers three gain voices – the middle being the stock gain, the left being a smooth gain boost, and the right an "insane" amount of cream-like distortion. The pedal's voice switch, meanwhile, slightly changes its compression and clipping.

The Wampler Ratsbane mini-pedal is available now for $149.

For more info on the pedal, stop by wamplerpedals.com.

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