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The Reverend Flatroc Rides Again, with Some New Twists

Reverend's 2021 Flatroc guitars
(Image credit: Reverend Guitars)

Reverend is re-releasing its Flatroc electric guitar, with some new tweaks and upgrades for 2021.

Though it's mostly a dead ringer for its predecessor visually, the new Flatroc's sounds come by way of a pair of upgraded, hot-rodded Retroblast mini-humbucker pickups, which aim for a healthy mid-range thwack with beautifully chimey highs, and solid string-to-string definition.

The Flatroc also now sports a Bigsby B50 tremolo with a Soft Touch spring, which is said to give the Bigsby a looser, more broken-in feeling.

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Reverend's Flatroc guitar in Rock Orange

(Image credit: Reverend Guitars)
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Reverend's Flatroc guitar in Transparent White

(Image credit: Reverend Guitars)
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Reverend's Flatroc guitar in Metallic Emerald

(Image credit: Reverend Guitars)

Elsewhere, more typical Reverend specs abound, with a korina body, Bonetite nut, locking tuners, dual-action truss rod, and Bass Contour control on the guitar's upper bout all coming standard.

The Reverend Flatroc is available now – in Transparent White, Rock Orange, and Metallic Emerald finishes – for $1,439.

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