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Source Audio Unveils New EQ2 Pedal

(Image credit: Source Audio)

Source Audio has unveiled its new equalizer pedal, the EQ2. 

A combination graphic and parametric pedal, the EQ2 comes loaded with 10 adjustable frequency bands, stereo I/O,  four, eight or 128 onboard user presets, full MIDI compatibility, five-pin MIDI DIN input and thru jacks and a master volume with an additional 12dB of boost.

Other features on the pedal include an onboard noise gate, dynamic limiter and chromatic tuner, an expanded collection of stereo signal routing options and the ability to split the signal and simultaneously run two discrete EQ presets (one for each stereo output).

The EQ2's 1/8-inch control input jack connects with either Source Audio's Dual Expression Pedal - for simultaneous expression control of up to four parameters, or Source Audio's Tap Switch - for channel swapping, preset scrolling, tuner access and parameter changes.

The pedal - like its Source Audio brethren - also connects to the Neuro Desktop Editor or Neuro Mobile App for further editing and firmware updates, while its USB port also supports two-way communication with Apple or Android mobile devices.

Additionally, the EQ2's external loop option allows for users to place EQ settings before, after, or both before and after the effects pedal in the loop.

The Source Audio EQ2 equalizer pedal is available now for $269.

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