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RPS Effects Unveils New Arcade Machine Harmonizer Pedal

(Image credit: RPS Effects)

Pittsburgh-based RPS Effects has unveiled its new Arcade Machine synth and harmonizer pedal.

Aside from its ultra-colorful finish and retro aesthetics, the Arcade Machine is a PLL-based pedal that re-synthesizes your instrument as a square wave. This square wave can then be manipulated by mixing in one or two octaves down or up. Users can also add an interval of their choice via a control knob.

Elsewhere on the controls front, there are your usual gate, level, depth and rate knobs, in addition to a central knob that gives users all of the intervals in a 12-tone scale. Users can also plug in an expression pedal to take over the interval selection.

The pedal also comes with a die-cast aluminum case, a soft-click true bypass on/off switch, 9-volt operation and a standard DC input.

The RPS Effects Arcade Machine pedal is available now - directly from the manufacturer only - for $265.

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