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Mooer Audio Debuts New R7 Mini Reverb Pedal

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Mooer Audio has pulled back the curtain on its new R7 Reverb mini pedal.

Led off by a unique 7-LED light design, the R7 features, you guessed it, seven unique digital reverb effects based on brand-new algorithms put together by the Mooer team.

The R7 comes loaded with your traditional Room, Hall, Spring and Plate reverbs, but also caters to more adventurous players with its Church, Cave and Mod settings. These are controlled by level, decay and pre-delay knobs, plus a dedicated high and low-cut EQ.

Elsewhere, the pedal also features buffered bypass, storable presets and the ability to toggle trails on or off.

The Mooer Audio R7 Reverb mini pedal is available now for $99.

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