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Meet the Vibraslide Glass Slide and Controller

Ever listen to Pink Floyd, particularly Dark Side of the Moon, and ooo and aaa with envy at the incredible sustain David Gilmour seems to wring out at every turn?

While we can't exactly help you obtain Gilmour-level virtuosity, we can point you to the Vibraslide, a fascinating new creation that employs a hand-blown glass slide and controller pedal to produce incredible sustain on lap steel and standard electric guitars.

The creation of Aum Guitars' Garreth Whittock, the Vibraslide is operated by a footswitch that accesses harmonic modes, and a volume pedal that can be plugged in to bring the sustain on top of the user's base sound. A wah pedal can also be hooked up to dynamically control which harmonics feed back.

If you're using a standard guitar, the Vibraslide can be used like an Ebow, and can also produce theremin-esque sounds with twists of your guitar’s volume and tone knobs.

The Vibraslide is currently projected to begin shipping in November 2020, and can be preordered now for £180 (~$230).

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