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Meet That Klick Classic, the World's First Click-and-Save Guitar Knob

(Image credit: That Klick Knob)

That Klick Knob has introduced the That Klick Classic guitar knob.

This innovative S-style replacement knob features a low-profile switch that creates a detent when pressed down, allowing guitarists to quickly return to a favorite setting on their instrument.

While the switch is pulled out, That Klick Classic spins normally, but with the switch pushed in, the player feels a click whenever the knob - which still spins normally - reaches the spot where the tab was initially pressed. Users can then remove the click by simply pulling the knob out again.

The knob fits most guitars, and is compatible with split-shaft, solid shaft, volume or tone pots.

That Klick Classic is available - in white or black finishes - with a silver switch for $20.99 and a gold switch for $22.99. All installation tools and hardware are included with the knob.

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