Manson Takes the T-Style Back to the Future With Limited Edition DL-2 and MB-2 Matt Bellamy Signature Guitars

Manson Guitar Works
(Image credit: Manson Guitar Works)

Manson Guitar Works has unveiled a pair of limited edition Matt Bellamy signature electric guitars that offer a most spectacular 21st-century twist on the T-style design archetype. 

And yet, the new for 2022 DL-2 and MB-2 might be recognizable to some players. The DL-2 is a more affordable – but still super-premium – version of the Muse frontman’s DeLorean model, while the MB-2 is inspired by a limited-run SE model from 2012, and arrives in the MB-1 matte black finish that has become a lietmotif of the Bellamy-owned brand.

It is hard to pick which of these guitars is the most audacious – both offer a playing experience that extends the potential of the instrument, with the DL-2 boasting onboard effects by way of Z-Vex USA custom Manson Fuzz Factory and MXR Phase 90 circuits. No need to reach for the pedalboard

The MB-2, meanwhile, has a custom X/Y MIDI screen controller that you can hook up to a Korg Kaoss Pad or a DigiTech Whammy for maximum thrills and audience engagement. Robo-glove and OLED aviator sunglasses sold separately.

But even before engaging with this bespoke circuitry, these are very much future-forward designs. Fundamentally, they both share a similar silhouette, have solid alder bodies, birds-eye maple necks carved into a Bellamy-approved MB V profile, with 12” to 16” compound radius fingerboards – rosewood on the DL-2, ebony or rosewood for the MB-2 – giving them a contemporary shred guitar feel.

Gotoh hardware is deployed across both models, with the MB-2 offering a six-saddle hard-tail and the DL-2 a tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece. The guitars’ custom aluminum dials look like they’ve been purloined from the control console of a space ship. Very on-brand for Manson and Bellamy.

The DL-2 has a Manson Mother Superior multi-rail humbucker at the bridge position, with a Manson Manson DB-90 at the neck. Controls include a kill switch, volume, tone with push/pull coil-split, a three-way pickup selector, toggle switches for the Z.Vex and MXR effects circuits, Stab and Comp dials for the Fuzz Factory.

There is a kill switch on the MB-2 also, but this offers a very different set of tones. The Sustainiac at the neck can offer infinite sustain or be used as a full-range active pickup, while a pair of Manson DB-90 pickups sit at close proximity in the bridge and near-to-middle positions. 

Both guitars ship in Hiscox hard-shell cases and come with a certificate signed by Matt Bellamy. The MB-2 is limited to two runs of 20 instruments and ships now, priced from £4,299 (approx $4,940), while the DL-2 is priced £3,999 (approx $4,595) and limited to two runs of just 10 units. 

See Manson Guitar Works for more details.