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Legendary Tones Unveils New Lynch Mod Tube Module

Legendary Tones' Lynch Mod
(Image credit: Legendary Tones)

Legendary Tones has teamed up with hard-rock guitar hero George Lynch to create the new Lynch Mod tube module for classic Marshall amplifiers.

An adjustable tube gain stage with bass boost/cut control, the hand-wired Lynch Mod features two 12AX7 tubes, and – according to Legendary Tones – can be installed in minutes and requires no special tools or amp re-biasing. All you have to do is insert the Lynch Mod into the middle V2 preamp position.

The Lynch Mod's Deep control provides a bass boost, while turning it off tightens the low-end. The Gain knob meanwhile, gives you everything from mild gain to red-hot sustain.

"Finding that balance between pre vs. power amp gain, sag, sustain, dynamics and touch-sensitivity in an amp has been a perpetual challenge," Lynch said of the module. "To my ears, the Lynch Mod is an impressive one-stop solution that gets you there."

The Legendary Tones Lynch Mod is available now for $299.

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