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Hamstead Soundworks Unveils New Ascent Clean Boost Pedal

Hamstead Soundworks Ascent
(Image credit: Hamstead Soundworks)

Hamstead Soundworks has unveiled its new Ascent clean boost pedal.

Created by Hamstead in partnership with a group of backline techs who've worked with AC/DC, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Iggy Pop and more, the Ascent is a pure clean boost pedal featuring 20dB of gain, ±15v internally isolated power for 30v headroom, buffered or true bypass operation and an OptoKick footswitch built by TheGigRig.

Each Ascent pedal is hand-soldered, signed and dated by the tech that built it, while Daniel Steinhardt and TheGigRig team are contributing 15 percent of the cost of every footswitch.

The Hamstead Soundworks Ascent clean boost pedal will be available - exclusively on Reverb - starting July 24 for $199. Profits will go directly to the techs that built the pedals, while an additional 10 percent of the profits will be donated to

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