Fano Guitars Announces New Made-to-Order Oltre Series

Fano Guitars Oltre Series
(Image credit: Fano Guitars)

Fano Guitars has unveiled its latest range of electric guitars, the Oltre Series.

The new line replaces the company's Standard Series – which was discontinued in August of this year – and looks to bridge the gap between its existing Omnis and Alt de Facto ranges, offering increased customizability without the price tag of the latter.

Oltre Series guitars will be made to order in Fano's US facilities, with a vast array of customization options available. Guitarists will be able to choose from over 40 different finishes, as well as a variety of distress levels ranging from new-old-stock (NOS) to heavy. The guitars can be further customized to taste with a range of pickguard colors and knob styles.

And customization doesn't stop at visuals, either. Buyers will be able to choose from a wide range of pickups, with Lollar, Fralin and TV Jones options available. Each guitar comes with either a deluxe Fano gigbag or hardshell case.

Fano is also adding two new models – the Non-Reverse-style PX6 and Mustang-ish MG6 – to the lineup. For more information, head to Fano Guitars (opens in new tab).