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Ernie Ball Unveils New Pickholder Straps

Ernie Ball Pickholder Straps
(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

Oh, guitar picks. Even easier to lose track of than socks!

Here to keep your guitar picks in one place, however, is Ernie Ball, which has introduced the nifty new Pickholder guitar strap.

The Pickholder strap boasts a fully-adjustable polypro design with an extended leather end that houses up to three guitar picks on the strap's lower front end.

Additionally, the strap's leather ends are embroidered-on two-inch wide polypropylene webbing for additional durability and strength.

Ernie Ball's Pickholder Straps are available now for $9.99 in a wide range of colors - including burgundy, rainbow, black and white - with lengths ranging from 41 to 72 inches.

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