CopperSound Launches the Telegraph V2 Autostutter & Killswitch – a Unique Effect for Stage and Studio

CopperSound Telegraph V2
(Image credit: CopperSound Pedals)

Massachusetts stompbox builder CopperSound Pedals has announced the release of the Telegraph V2. Handmade in the U.S.A., the firm's latest offering supersedes the popular Telegraph Stutter while promising to be “the ultimate killswitch and stutter system.”

Built for studio and stage, it features a handy power loss fail-safe and boasts a proprietary all-metal construction. With performance in mind, this upgraded unit offers players the ability to control the effect using latching and momentary options. An internal dip switch allows latching to be switched off.

Although elements of the original/discontinued Telegraph have been retained, CopperSound went back to the drawing board to design the Telegraph V2’s circuit. And while the familiar Kill and Activate modes have carried over into the V2, a new Burst mode additionally offers an automatic tremolo-like stutter effect.

Ranging from 110 BPM and upwards, the Burst rate is adjustable via the Burst knob although it can also be synced to a CV clock source or controlled with an external expression pedal (5K to 10K recommended).

A three-way toggle located in the lower-right area of the pedal’s face enables selection of Kill, Burst and Activate modes.

Kill and Activate modes either cut or pass the signal (respectively) when the key is held down. Similarly, the Burst mode itself can be set to either Kill or Activate using a two-way switch located on the side of the pedal.

CopperSound calls this switch the “Polarity” toggle. “When Polarity is set to Kill,” explains the press release, “your clean signal will pass through until the key is pressed (engaging Burst).

“When set to Activate, no audio will be heard until the key is pressed, allowing for controlled bursts of sound!”

CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 Autostutter & Killswitch

(Image credit: CopperSounds Pedals)

Currently priced $249, the Telegraph V2 Autostutter & Killswitch is available now and comes in a variety of finishes including Carolina Copper, Gotham Grey, Sierra Blue, Alpine White, Army Green, and Romeo Red.

Visit CopperSound Pedals for more information.

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