Boss Unveils New RC-5, RC-500 Loop Station Pedals

Boss's RC-5 and RC-500 pedals
(Image credit: Boss)

Boss has unveiled its new RC-5 and RC-500 Loop Station pedals.

Both the RC-5 and RC-500 feature 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing, onboard rhythms, phrase memories for storing loops, backlit displays, 13 hours of stereo recording and external control support options via footswitches, an expression pedal or MIDI.

The RC-5 features full stereo I/O, an LCD backlight that changes color to indicate recording, overdub and playback states, and a multi-function parameter knob for navigating system settings, rhythms and more.

Direct control of many of the RC-5's assignable functions can be attained with the pedal's two external footswitches, while continuous adjustments can be made with an expression pedal. The RC-5 is also MIDI-compatible, via included TRS jacks.

The RC-500 offers two tracks, the same color-changing LCD backlight as the RC-5, plus track faders and a mic level knob for easy access to volume control while performing. Three built-in footswitches - configured for basic operations by default, but capable of being reassigned to other tasks - also come aboard.

Users can connect mono/stereo instruments, pedal effects or a mic via the RC-500's dedicated XLR input, which also comes with a phantom power switch for condenser microphones.

The RC-500 also features a variety of Loop FX, such as scatter, shift, repeat and vinyl flick.

Both pedals feature a reverse function and 57 rhythms, each with A/B variations, plus a number of drum kits - 7 in the RC-5 and 16 in the RC-500.

The RC-5 and RC-500 also both feature 99 phrase memories for loop storage. These can then be backed up to a computer via USB.

The Boss RC-5 and RC-500 Loop Station pedals are available now for $199 and $349, respectively.

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