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Blackstar Debuts New Live Logic MIDI Controller

Blackstar Live Logic MIDI Controller
(Image credit: Blackstar Amplification)

Blackstar has unveiled its new Live Logic MIDI controller.

Live Logic is a fully-customizable MIDI foot controller that aims to ease communication between DAWs, pedalboards and outboard gear, and allows players a number of ways to control live performance or recording situations.

For instance, the unit can be connected to a computer via USB to relay MIDI messages from non-USB pedals directly into a DAW. Additionally, with Ableton Live integration, Live Logic can be used as a performance controller for looping, a DAW control surface or even to control lighting rigs.

Live Logic features a Patch Mode, in which front-panel buttons one through four are used to send out program change MIDI messages, while five and six are used to cycle through banks. In the controller's Custom Mode, these same buttons can be - using the Live Logic companion software - configured to control any MIDI-based parameter.

Elsewhere, the Live Logic controller features two expression pedal inputs for continuous control of MIDI parameters, MIDI ins and outs, a USB port and a 9V DC power input. The controller can also be powered using a 9V battery.

The Blackstar Live Logic MIDI controller is available now for $179

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