Behold the Fender Custom Shop's New Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection

Selections from Fender Custom Shop's new Surf Green collection
(Image credit: Fender Custom Shop)

Fresh off the unveiling of its ornate Prestige Collection, the Fender Custom Shop has premiered another line of guitars, each hand-built by one of its Master Builders. 

The brainchild of Master Builders Paul Waller and Ron Thorn, the new Masterbuilt Surf Green with Envy Collection is comprised of one-off, vintage-inspired guitars (plus a handful of matching amplifiers and pedals, and even a custom painted Gretsch drum kit) each finished in Fender's iconic Surf Green.

Each of the guitars – a dozen in total – is based on a specific year of the builder's choice. You can check 'em all out below.

The guitars are joined in the collection by six amplifiers and two matching effects pedals – a Boost and a Tremolo – hand-built by Fender’s Stan Cotey.

Each of the one-off Surf Green guitars – and the half-dozen accompanying amplifiers – will be sold only at authorized Fender Custom Shop showcase dealers in person or online. We have no price information as of press time, though we can only imagine –given the nature of their build – that they'll each cost a pretty penny.

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