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A Bucky Pizzarelli-Signed D’Angelico Excel EXL-1 is Being Auctioned By the Jazz Foundation of America

(Image credit: D'Angelico Guitars)

Bucky Pizzarelli, the legendary jazz guitarist who passed away last month from coronavirus complications at the age of 94, was an avid fan and user of D'Angelico guitars.

Now, to honor the late master, D'Angelico is auctioning a Pizzarelli-signed Excel EXL-1, with all proceeds going to The Jazz Foundation of America’s COVID-19 Musician’s Emergency Fund, which helps to provide direct financial support and counsel for musicians affected by the virus.

Pizzarelli signed the guitar during a visit to the D'Angelico showroom in New York City in 2016. Pizzarelli's relationship with the company ran incredibly deep - the 1943 D'Angelico Style B guitar that he played throughout his career was refinished by John D'Angelico himself, and Pizzarelli was a frequent visitor to the company's original NYC shop on Kenmare Street.

Prospective buyers can bid on the guitar until May 26 - the top bid is currently $3,750.

For more info on the guitar, or to place a bid yourself, stop by To donate to the COVID-19 Musician’s Emergency Fund, visit

(Image credit: D'Angelico Guitars)