NAMM 2016: Earth’n Harmony Sustainable Guitar Cleaner and Polish

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Mission In a Bottle: Earth’n Harmony strives to be an environmental leader in the music industry. They are dedicated to meet the needs of environmentally-conscious musicians around the world by providing eco-friendly products that cause no unnecessary harm to the planet and humanity. Their goal is to inspire and empower musicians by enhancing harmony in the way we live.”

Entrepreneur and environmental advocate Karen Petersen, presents “Earth’n Harmony brand of eco-friendly music products made of sustainable ingredients and materials. The first product to launch is Earth’n Harmony Sustainable Guitar Cleaner and Polish - All in one. This product is for people who are looking for a non-toxic, holistic way to effectively, quickly and safely clean and polish their guitar. Her vision is to provide individuals who own or work on guitars with an opportunity to purchase high quality sustainable products that will benefit them and the environment – at the best price possible.

Earth’s Harmony is endorsed and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture. It is a high quality, plant based guitar cleaner/polish that is made of sustainable ingredients, and has been tested with exceptional results.

“Importantly, Earth’n Harmony supports a cause and has a powerful message – “Save the Planet! Each day we wake up, our hope is to contribute something to make a difference through our music and the way we live. So this is more than a product that works – It is a mission in a bottle,” says Petersen.

“The world is facing many pressing environmental problems. To solve them, the world has to make the right decisions. Our vision is to connect the music industry to these issues - To the solutions - And to each other. It means shifting our mentality and creating products that speak to that mentality. Our hope is to create some balance by making eco-friendly products available to the industry. Products that are actually certified by the government at affordable prices," says Petersen.

For more information, visit the Earth'n Harmony website.