Quilter Labs announces the release of the Aviator Series

Quilter Labs is proud to announce the arrival of its newest creation, the Aviator Series
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Following the brief “disappearance” of Quilter Labs founder and visionary, Patrick Quilter, the company is thrilled to have him back on home soil—and, to announce the “on-time arrival” of its newest creation: The Aviator Series! See Pat’s time travel experience for yourself here.

The Aviator Series—the Ultralight Eight, Twin Ten and Open Twelve—each boasting the same powerful 200-watt engine and core tone stack as the now-legendary MicroPro Series, plus a light & agile airframe, timeless styling and a trio of in-flight speaker options ranging from 8-12.” LET YOUR TONE SOAR with the Quilter Aviator!

Here’s the line-up:

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The Ultralight Eight
• 100 Watts per channel
• Sealed back enclosure for greater low frequency extension
• Basic control setup = Ch. 1 is Vol/Tone Ch. 2 is Gain, EQ, HiCut, Master
• Reverb applies to both channels with Rev. Vol/Dwell
• 22.6 Pounds
• MSRP: (Retail $899; MAP $699

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The Twin Ten
• Same as 8" with dual 10" Celestion G10 Vintage speakers (in an open back configuration)
• 33.8 Pounds
• MSRP: Retail $1299; MAP $949

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The Open Twelve
• Same with a single 12" Classic Lead 80 speaker (in an open back configuration)
• 33.8 Pounds
• MSRP: Retail $1199; MAP $899

Quilter Labs offers a 30-Day Guarantee! If you're not 100% happy after 30 days, we'll BUY IT BACK! LEARN MORE about this great offer at www.quilterlabs.com