Man Stuffs $1,700 Fender Guitar Down Pants and Walks Out of Guitar Center

If you're shopping for guitars, or guitar gear, this holiday season, please don't be this guy...
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A couple of years ago - in Fort Worth, Texas - a man walked into a local Guitar Center, stuffed a Fender guitar down his pants and walked out unnoticed.

The incident was captured on a store security camera.

Video of the theft, embedded above and provided by InsideFWPD, shows a man in a black track suit and orange winter vest walking behind an aisle display, kneeling down and then rising and stuffing the guitar, neck first, down his pants.

Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA reported that the stolen Fender guitar was worth $1,700. The model of the guitar was not provided. According to WFAA, police believed the man had previously moved the guitar from another spot in the store to the location where he put it in his pants.

To the best of our knowledge, the thief was never caught.