Jesse Lacey on Cloning For Inspiration

“Even if you’re committed to writing and playing original music, I think it’s extremely important to learn as many different songs as you can,” says Brand New guitarist Jesse Lacey, who recently launched a record label— Procrastinate! Music Traitors—with his band mates. “This is a great way to develop new ideas by incorporating techniques and approaches that are already in other people’s music."

"When you have those tools—whether it’s a hammer-on, a new chord, a scale, or whatever—you’ll suddenly find yourself adding those elements to your own music, and hopefully making your compositions richer and more interesting in the process. You can also bring on inspiration by doing things you don’t usually do. Play with the amp turned down real low, or crank up the delay and distortion until you can’t even hear the chords any more. Strum the guitar with a quarter, or experiment with an EBow or something. Do anything that might kick your writing in a new direction.”