Spark It Up [Godlyke]

This rocking set from New Jersey’s Infernophonic is jam-packed with big rock riffs that just reek of Les Pauls plugged into loud-ass tube amps. Guitarist Pat Piegari dishes out crunch that should be right up the alley of fans of old-school rock like Kiss, Aerosmith, UFO, and Guns N’ Roses. He provides delicious Strat tones and wah work on “Hear Me” and serves up funky major-key fare on “Take Aim” before launching into a great neck-pickup solo. The funk-rock continues on the effect-laden “Invisible Slaves,” an excellent example of Piegari’s ability to mesh beautifully with bassist Kevin Bolembach. In fact, the two consistently lock in and groove for a breathing, live sound that will remind you of when music was played by bands.
—Matt Blackett