Bring It On!

When you see the Horrorpops you might think that rockabilly got into a knife fight with a mohawk hair-do on the southside lawn of the local cemetery. Don’t let their tattoos and wallet chains fool you, however, as these cats carry just about every song styling to the rumble. The Denmark natives, led by the edgy and fervent voice of Patricia Day, left some tire marks with their debut Hell Yeah!—but they wanted to step on the gas even harder on their sophomore effort, so they brought in former AFI guitarist Geoff Kresge, and enlisted production help from Bad Religion guitarist and founder Brett Gurewitz. Kresge and veteran Horrorpopper Kim Nekroman throw down modern punk tones to enhance their classic-sounding riffs, giving the old-school rockabilly melodies a sharper and more addictive sound, such as on “S.O.B.” and “Undefeated.” Pile your hair and grab your ribbed beater—the Horrorpops do bring it! Hellcat Records. –Patrick Wong