eBay Prize: ESL and Hipshot B-Bender

IN THE OLD DAYS, THERE WEREN’T MANY people on eBay, so you could get lucky with auctions quite often. Of course, when eBay became the most popular auction site in the world, it got harder to swoop in on the hot deals. But, if you’re in the right place at the right time, good deals can still happen if you come across a “Buy It Now” price on an item.
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For example, I recently ran across this American-made ESL that was set up “Nashville-style” with three pickups. What really piqued my interest was that the deal also included a like-new Hipshot B-Bender—all for a Buy It Now price of $75. Well, a new Hipshot is worth $150 all by itself, so I quickly checked the seller’s feedback, the shipping cost ($25), and payment options, and, within ten seconds, I pulled the trigger on it.

Will Ray’s eBay Strategy #228: Never lollygag over a killer Buy It Now price, for he who hesitates, abdicates.

I immediately paid the seller using PayPal, and I received the guitar three days later. It was shipped in a gig bag— an added bonus—and the guitar was surprisingly decent for $75. The wiring was a little strange, but all three pickups worked just fine, and the neck pickup even had its own volume control for blending it with the other pickups. The maple fingerboard was fast, and the action was low. Pretty good!

Now, I was presented with the dilemma of whether to keep the guitar. Keeping it would mean rewiring it to my liking, and installing the Hipshot. On the other hand, I could sell the ESL for a quick $100, and walk away with a Hipshot and some change. Decisions, decisions! I decided to sell the guitar, because I didn’t really need yet another off-brand, Tele-style ax lying around the house. Sometimes, it’s good to buy a package deal, because you can keep what you want, and sell off the excess baggage.