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10,000 Maniacs to Release First Album in 13 Years

10,000 Maniacs have announced they'll be releasing their first album in 13 years. The Motion Picture is set for a January 15 release.
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By Lukasz Bielawski

10,000 Maniacs have announced they'll be releasing their first album in 13 years, Music From The Motion Picture. The disc is set for a January 15 release.

The project is being funded through PledgeMusic, a popular crowd-funding website. According to the band, they've reached about 59 percent of their projected goal after just a week of campaigning.

"We're so moved by our fan's passion for the band, and we're really enjoying being on PledgeMusic, it's so cool!" says 10,000 Maniacs bassist Steven Gustafson.

Here's the entire letter to fans from the band's PledgeMusic page (See link below):

"Welcome to the official pre-order site for the new 10,000 Maniacs album!

When we began writing and recording songs 30 years ago, we needed the commitment of friends and family to make our first two records, Human Conflict # 5 and Secrets of the I-Ching. Without their support, neither record would have been made and all they got for their promise was a wax album, a hand shake and postcards from the road.

By pledging here, you are securing the right to download the new album before it is released elsewhere and you are gaining private access to a stream of exclusive videos, photos (old & new), interviews and updates from the studio.

Even better, we’re empowering you the fans to like, share, tweet, pin and post these unique items and experiences, thereby becoming our promo team!

We’ll be reading and responding to your comments, so please let us know what you’d like to see here!

10,000 Thanks!
Jerry, Steve, Dennis, Jeff and Mary"

10,000 Maniacs will several shows in select cities in January and February.

For more information, visit the 10,00 Maniacs pledge page.