NAMM 2018: D'Addario

Take a look at some of D'Addario's newest accessories.
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Solderless Pedalboard Power Cable Kit

D'Addario's offering of DIY pedalboard solutions is expanding with the Solderless Pedalboard Power Cable Kit. These new cable kits are as simple as cutting the included cable to length, placing the cable into the plug end, and securing the set screw to produce flawless, perfect length cables.

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Universal Strap Locks

With hassle-free installation, D'Addario's Universal Strap Locks make it quick and easy to connect and remove your strap, leaving you free to move about the stage with confidence.

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NS Micro Clip-Free Tuner

The ultimate in discreet tuning, the NS Micro Clip-Free Tuner features a clip-free mount that attaches directly to your instrument's tuning machine so your tuner is always at hand and visible only to you.

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Cradle Capo

With its stainless steel, self-centering design, the Cradle Capo ensures even tension across the fretboard, while allowing the freedom for quick transitions and the ability to stay on the guitar, even when not in use.

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Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap

The new Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap line is a sound hole hook style strap made specifically to support all Ukuleles with a standard sound hole. The full line is made from recycled water bottles, and is super comfortable while also being super durable with a color scheme inspired by beach elements.

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Screeching Halt Humidifier

The latest addition to D'Addario's humidification product line-up, the Screeching Halt Humidifier, allows you to humidify your guitar's body and neck joint while also acting as a feedback reducer when playing live.

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