Epiphone Releases the New Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II” Flying V Outfit | GALLERY

Features custom Annihilation Red gloss finish and Epiphone ProBuckers.
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Epiphone presents the new Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II" Flying-V Outfit –Jeff’s second signature model with Epiphone. The new guitar features a custom Annihilation Red gloss color finish designed by Jeff and is powered by critically acclaimed Epiphone ProBucker humbucker pickups. The new “Annihilation-II™" also comes with a custom Phenolic fingerboard, KillPot switch, Grover Rotomatic machine heads and a custom-fitted gig bag.

Jeff Waters is not only revered for his work with the band Annihilator, but also is known around the world for his guitar clinics, which are standing-room-only events attended by pros and pros-at-heart.

“Jeff’s stunning combination of speed and finesse have made him one of the most admired guitarists of his generation,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg, “And all of us here at Epiphone are Jeff’s biggest fans.”

The new Epiphone Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II" Flying-V Outfit was designed by Jeff with Epiphone’s luthiers at the “House of Stathopoulo” headquarters in Nashville. The “Annihilation-II™" Flying-V Outfit is an updated version of the first Jeff Waters signature Flying-V that set new standards for speed and sound, and has been Jeff’s go-to guitar for hundreds of concerts and clinics around the world.

“The new "Annihilation-II" Flying-V Outfit is exactly what I envisioned,” says Jeff Waters. “I wanted a guitar that most hard rock and metal players could afford with killer, versatile pickups, a nice finish, and a setup to play either tight heavy rhythms or fast screaming solos I can proudly put my name on!”

Visit Epiphone.com to read an exclusive interview with Jeff and to learn more about the Jeff Waters "Annihilation-II" Flying-V Outfit, available in stores December 2015.