Way Huge Aqua-Puss MK II Analog Delay

August 10, 2010

gp0810_gear_0970Introduced by the original Way Huge company in 1996, the Aqua-Puss analog delay was revered for its smooth, syrupy sound and the tape-like characteristics of its repeats—factors that made this boutique pedal a very pricey commodity after Way Huge ceased production in 1999. The new Aqua- Puss MK II($149 street) sports the familiar anodized aluminum enclosure, is quiet in operation, and serves up warm, vibey delays whether you have the controls dialed in for rockabilly-style slapback echo or long delays (up to 300ms max) with lots of repeats. You can also revel in spacy, Pink Floyd-style effects by pegging the Blend and Feedback knobs, plucking a note, and then sweeping the Delay knob around. The Aqua-Puss features a hardwire relay bypass and will lock into bypass mode if the battery goes dead (no excuse for that, as it’s easily replaced via a convenient, swing-open hatch) or if the optional AC adapter loses power. The Puss’ excellent sound earns it an Editors’ Pick Award, and its low price should send you running to find one.








00gp_edpick_newKUDOS A super-convenient alternative to a classic tape echo. Sounds great for everything from short reflective echoes to cavernous effects.


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