DigiTech CF-7 Chorus Factory

July 1, 2007

Never content to give you just one effect, DigiTech has thrown in the kitchen sink with the CF-7 ($150 retail/$100 street). This little modulation monster packs seven righteous chorus flavors into a standard-sized pedal with more control over the parameters and tone than on most of the original effects. All the big names are modeled, including the T.C. Electronic Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger, Fulltone Choralflange, Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus, Boss CE-5 and CH-1, Electro-Harmonix Small Clone, and Digi’s own 16-Voice Multi Chorus. Side by side with an actual Boss CH-1, the CF-7’s model sounded slightly brighter and a tad thinner, but had far more range, control, and overall effect level. You also get mono or stereo operation, with or without speaker simulation. Whether you’re in the market for a bunch of great sounding chorus effects with a ton of parameters, or you want one that you set and forget, this pedal will do it all at an amazing price.

Huge selection of modulation flavors. Great sound quality. Compact.


(801) 566-8800; digitech.com

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