CAD Sessions MH510 Headphones

January 30, 2014

OFFERING A RETRO-SLICK LOOK IN four colors (black/black, red/white, chrome/ black, orange/black), two cables (one curly/ one straight) with locking connectors, two interchangeable ear cushions (leather for optimum isolation and increased bass, and velvet for a more open sound and less low end), and a leatherette tote bag, the MH510 ($99 street) is a massively hip bargain even before you actually plug it in. You can certainly rock these eye-catching phones like a celebrity trotting out of a Beverly Hills Starbucks, and sneer at the hipsters who paid up to three times what you plunked down for much the same cool factor.

But, unlike a purse puppy, the MH510s aren’t mere fashion accoutrements. These are serious tracking and mixing headphones with brute-like construction, serious power-handling capacity, and an extended frequency range (10Hz-24kHz). I did several mixing and tracking sessions with the MH510s, and found sound reproduction to be clear and precise. Stereo positioning and minute mix adjustments could be easily discerned, ear fatigue during lengthy sessions was minimal, and what I heard in the cans typically translated accurately to other playback media (even accounting for the MH510’s ability to track subwoofer-deep lows).

An added benefit is that the MH510 headband connects at the dead middle of the ear cups, which pushes them firmly and evenly against your ears, and ensures maximum isolation from environmental sounds. It’s like you’re in your own “aural solitary confinement,” safe from distractions that might skew sonic evaluations. I couldn’t dig these headphones more. They are awesome. CAD Audio,

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