Why So Many Guitarists Ignore the Poor Pinkie

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Unless you’re Django Reinhardt, you’ve got a pinkie that could be doing more for your guitar playing.

Taming that pesky little digit is something many guitar players struggle with, and a substantial amount of us never truly build equal strength among all of our fingers.

It’s strange how very isolated the pinkie seems as we rip our favorite licks along the fretboard. It’s almost as if that little finger is being shunned by the bigger, more powerful fingers.

Those guys are practically bullies, flaunting themselves across the neck, having the time of their lives while the poor little pinkie peers up longingly from the depths of his clawed reclusion.

While we can easily get through our guitar lives making minimal use of all our fingers, it is limiting in some more technically demanding methods of guitar playing, so strengthening your pinkie should be something you’re mindful of. If you just give the little guy a chance, he might come through in a big way. Or, as we learn in the video below, he might not.

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