Vintage Lesson: Zakk Wylde's 'Pentatonic Hardcore'

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Almost 20 years ago, Zakk Wylde created an instructional video for Japan’s Young Guitar magazine. The resulting hour-long video was titled Pentatonic Hardcore and lived up to its name.

In it, Wylde gave guitarists insight into his approach to soloing and the techniques he uses. Designed for a range of skills, the video presents pentatonic scales, chickin-pickin’ licks, vibrato, pinch harmonics, alternate picking and more. Wylde even shows how he plays parts of his own songs, including “Losin’ Your Mind” and “Horse Called War” from 1994’s Pride and Glory, and “Sold My Soul” from 1996’s Book of Shadows.

Wylde is currently ramping up production of his new Wylde Audio guitars. He debuted his company’s first three models at NAMM 2016: the single-cut Odin, the V-shaped Viking and the Flying V/SG hybrid Warhammer. He’s also announced the upcoming release of his first solo album in 20 years, Book of Shadows II, due April 8 via Entertainment One Music.