Shred Shortcut: Get Where You’re Going Faster with This Simple Pattern

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Want to shred but can’t yet? Jim Lill is back with another useful guitar trick that can help pull you through until your shred skills are up to snuff.

His latest video is entitled “Shred Guitar Lesson (for people that can't shred but want to go FAST).”

“Shred guitar is something that takes years of dedication and hard work to be able to play,” he wisely notes. “Or you could cheat, like I do, and find ways to go fast without having to choose up-and-down picking practice over sleep and food. This video shows you the shortcut.”

As Jim explains in the video, the trick involves using three notes per string, “where you take a major scale and play three notes of it per string.

“It’s nine notes in total that are grouped in three sets of three triplets,” he says. “It starts off by picking a three and pulling off to two and one [scale degrees], and then picking seven and pulling off to six and five, and then picking six and hammering-on to seven, and then picking one.”

He takes you through each step, so check it out. He even provides TAB, which you can get at his web site.

Jim just announced the launch of his Back from the Gig podcast, where he talks about the lifestyle of making music and answers questions from listeners after returning from a gig. You can get his regular podcast updates right here.

In addition, remember to visit Jim’s YouTube channel for more of his great videos. And take a look at his new Guitar-Lick-A-Day Instagram page, where you can learn a new lick every day, with tab available for each lick.

You can also find more lessons and MP3s at Jim’s website, and purchase his e-book, The Graphic Guide to Country Guitar. Join his mailing list and receive immediate updates on videos.