Quick Licks October 2010

GP reader Eric Vandenberg sent in this choice morsel.


GP reader Eric Vandenberg sent in this choice morsel. “This is a fun string-skipping exercise in the key of E minor,” he says. “The key to get this to work is that you need to pay close attention to which notes are picked (i.e. starting with an upstroke) and which are hammered. The hammer-ons give you an opportunity to move your pick to the next string. It might take a while to memorize the whole thing, but the actual sequence isn’t complicated, and if you start out very slow and then speed it up gradually, it will be a nice exercise to improve your string-skipping skills. Have fun!”



If you need a dreamy, swirly repeating figure in a tune, try this chordal tapping treasure. Hold a D chord with your fretting hand, and trace that same D triangle shape with your tapping hand 12 frets up. Every time you pull off from a tap, add the sus4 G with your fretting hand pinky. Slather some delay and maybe a phaser on this and see what happens. Uh huh.


One of our many GP amici from Italy, Daniele Bonadei, submitted the following Quick Lick. “This Mixolydian run can be played over a D7 or Em chord” he explains. “These notes can also be grouped in triplets to change the feel. The repetition of the same three notes per string gives the idea of more notes flying by than you’re actually playing.” Although it says to play it as fast as possible, this will still sound cool at a slow tempo. Bravo, ragazzo!