Master the Pentatonic Scale on the Entire Fretboard

Learn a versatile technique that can give you much more insight into the pentatonic scale.
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Guitar instructor Paul Davids—the man behind GP favorites "Are We All Tuning Our Guitars Wrong?" and "Is This the Mother of All Finger Exercises?," among others—recently uploaded a new video in which he demonstrates a technique that can help guitarists master the pentatonic scale on the entire fretboard.

"We've all seen the pentatonic boxes that cover the entire neck so you can jump around the entire fretboard freely, but this technique is so much more versatile," Davids says. "It gives you much more insight in the notes used [in the scale]."

Tabs for the songs in the video are available on his Patreon page.

You can find this video and much more on Paul’s YouTube channel.