Learn to Play Robin Trower's Blues-Rock Masterpiece, "Bridge of Sighs"

The master guitarist turns 75 today.
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When you think of the greatest guitar tones of all time, there are more than a few obvious candidates.

There's Eric Johnson ("Cliffs of Dover"), David Gilmour ("Comfortably Numb") or Angus Young (honestly, any AC/DC song ever,) to name just a few. One song that doesn't get mentioned as much as it should though, is Robin Trower's "Bridge of Sighs."

A scorching, Hendrix-indebted blues burner drizzled with some heavy psychedelic influences, "Bridge of Sighs" - which came out in 1974 - sounded like nothing else that came before it, and shot the former Procol Harum guitarist into the guitar universe's upper echelon.  

If you've - understandably - ever found yourself wanting to give "Bridge of Sighs" a go for yourself, we've got the video for you.

In the lesson below, guitarist Brett Papa breaks the whole song down into bite-sized parts, while also keying viewers in to the unique techniques - such as his absolutely monstrous bends - that Trower used to achieve his otherworldly guitar sound on the tune. 

For more of Papa's videos, stop by brettpapa.com.