Learn 25 Jazz-Fusion Licks in the Styles of Di Meola, McLaughlin, Beck and 22 More | VIDEO


If you’ve been looking for some instruction in jazz-fusion guitar, you’re in luck. The video below shows you 25 jazz-fusion licks in the styles of some of the greatest guitarists in the genre.

Guitarist Stephane Lucarelli performs all the licks, which are styled after players like Al Di Meola, John McLauglin, Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield, Pat Metheny and many others. You can see the entire list below the video, along with time indications to get you to the appropriate spot in the video.

After performing all the licks, Stephane performs each one slowly and shows you the tab.

Better still, you can get the tab, backing tracks, scale and full instructions for this video lesson right here.

“25 Jazz Fusion Licks’” is brought to you by the folks at GMCGuitar. We’ve previously shared their video for “45 Scales in One Solo.” You can view more of their excellent tutorials on their YouTube channel.

Scott Henderson - 03:57
Greg Howe - 04:29
Frank Gambale - 05:05
Allen Hinds - 05:38
Steve Khan - 06:07
Alex Machacek - 06:40
Allan Holdsworth - 07:13
Al Di Meola - 07:43
Mike Stern - 08:15
Bill Connors - 08:45
Jeff Beck - 09:10
Hiram Bullock - 09:40
Wayne Krantz - 10:15
Larry Carlton - 10:45
Brett Garsed - 11:16
Bireli Lagrene - 11:48
John Scofield - 12:15
John McLaughlin - 12:49
Pat Metheny - 13:18
Shawn Lane - 13:50
Michel Cusson - 14:22
Sylvain Luc - 14:56
Larry Coryell - 15:24
Louis Winsberg - 15:57
Stephane Lucarelli - 16:28