Jimmy Page’s Mesmerizing Open Tunings

Many young rock guitarists are in such a hurry to learn their instrument, they’re hesitant to experiment with new tunings, afraid the alien interval set will effectively cancel out everything they’ve struggled so hard to learn. Not true.
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New tunings logarithmically expand your riff possibilities and are one of the best rut-busting devices a young riff writer could possibly lean on for new inspiration.

Just ask the great Jimmy Page. Some of Led Zeppelin’s most powerful riffs occur worlds away from standard tuning, including the mesmerizing pre-bridge interlude on “Kashmir”—a recognizable section of music you should be able to decipher by tuning to DADGAD (drop the first, second, and sixth strings a whole-step) and playing through the chords shown here.

Tip: After playing each grip as written, strum it again with the third-string note lowered a half-step to the pitch shown in parentheses, and you’ll hear the harmony written in the parentheses above the grid. Add the open sixth and fifth strings for a droning D5 pedal tone effect.

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