James Taylor Shows How to Play "Carolina in My Mind"

See Taylor's fingerpicking pattern close up and personal in this incredibly detailed lesson.
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James Taylor has made some great demonstration videos for some of his songs, like his hit “Fire and Rain.” The videos feature cameras pointing down the neck and inside the sound hole, allowing you to see both his hands at work.

In this video, Taylor shows how to play his hit song “Carolina in My Mind.” The song was originally recorded for his 1968 self-titled debut - released on the Beatles’ Apple Records - but the version most listeners know is the remake that was created for his 1976 Greatest Hits collection.

As you can see, Taylor capos the third fret and then runs through the fingering of each change.

The cherry on top of this sweet lesson is the view from inside the sound hole as Taylor runs through the song, so that you can see the finger picking pattern close up and personal.

Better still, after he runs through it once, the video is presented again at half speed, so you can make sure not to miss a single thing.