Guthrie Govan Explains His 'Machine-Gun' Strumming Technique | VIDEO


Guthrie Govan is widely considered one of the great virtuoso guitarists of the day. The British guitarist is a noted instructor and performs with the Aristocrats, GPS and the Young Punx, among others. He’s also worked solo under the name Erotic Cakes, collaborated with Porcupine Tree guitarist and producer Steven Wilson and served a stint with Asia, from 2001 to 2006.

Govan has a mastery of numerous guitar styles, and an encyclopedic knowledge of style that’s matched only by his technical prowess and fluency. Joe Satriani has said, “What sets Guthrie apart, is that no matter what he's doing—picking, tapping, slapping, playing legato, whatever—he mixes everything up gracefully and absolutely nails each approach. And all the while the music sounds natural.”

One of Govan’s most amazing talents is his super-fast picking hand, which is capable of performing blazing 32nd-note strums. In this exclusive Guitar Player video, he demonstrates the technique and show how to develop proficiency with it.