Yngwie Malmsteen Goes Shopping for a Red Fender Strat | VIDEO

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Here’s a pretty funny video from 1990: Yngwie Malmsteen goes shopping for a red Fender Stratocaster in London.

It’s a gem of a video from a long-gone era of guitar glory. At the time, Malmsteen and his ilk were still riding high on the guitar shred wave, unaware that Seattle’s alt-rock “grunge” scene was about to sideline them and their style of music. Just two years earlier, Yngwie’s signature Fender Strat was released, making him and Eric Clapton the first artists that Fender would honor in this way.

It was a good time to be a guitar god, and in this video, Yngwie is clearly enjoying his artistic and monetary power.

There are humorous moments starting from the top of the video. As Yngwie passes two men on his way into the shop, one can be heard asking, “Who’s this, Bon Jovi?”

Inside the shop, Yngwie spots the Strat he wants—a Fiesta Red 1963 model—and asks if anyone has a guitar pick. “You know, my middle name is where-the-fuck-is-the-guitar-pick,” he says.

We then get a spot of Yngwie soloing on the instrument before he and his someone else, presumably his business manager, begin haggling over the price with the shop owner.

Take a look at the video to see if he gets the guitar after all.