Yngwie Malmsteen Announces New Album Coming This April

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PHOTO: Sandy Caspers/Getty

Yngwie Malmsteen has just announced he has finished a new album, titled World on Fire, that will be released in April.

The shredder talks about the album in an interview with Seymour Duncan:

“I actually just finished a new record called World On Fire,” he says. “I spent two years on it, touring, recording, touring, recording. And that’s much, much better actually, in a way.

“Back in the day I would write the songs then rehearse them with some musicians, then go and do a backing track and we’d record it, mix it, learn the songs to go play them on tour, then do it all again. That way isn’t necessarily conducive to making the best music, y’know what I mean?

“So in a very, very backhanded way this weird twist of fate in the music industry has actually made it a more inspiring environment, for me at least. I can write any time and record any time. My recording studio is always open, 24 hours. I can just record when I want and it’s a beautiful thing.”

So what does it sound like?

“It’s a Malmsteen record,” he says, laughing. “But I would say it’s a little different.

“First of all, I do all the lead vocals on it. Any time I did lead vocals in the past I was singing blues stuff. This time I decided to do lead vocals in my style of songwriting, so it’s different in that way.

“It’s a very hard-hitting album and some parts are very advanced, very complicated. But it’s a broad record. It’s definitely a must-listen-to! It’s finished and it’s been delivered to the label in Japan so I would expect it to be released in about two months from now.”

You can read the full interview at SeymourDuncan.com.

Malmsteen just wrapped up the first Guitar Gods Festival on Friday, February 19. Held in Miami Beach, Florida, the festival featured Steve Vai, bassist Rudy Sarzo, Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G and Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain. The festival is the brainchild of April Malmsteen, Yngwie's wife and manager, and gives unknown guitarists a chance to compete to become the next Guitar God.

In related news, Malmsteen and Vai will join forces with Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi for the Generation Axe tour beginning on April 5 in Seattle. The tour will present 26 performances in North America during April and May. For complete information and dates, visit GenerationAxe.com.