Why Are There So Many Annoying Guitar Players?

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We all know him. He's the guy who's never wrong. His opinion is fact. He’s so sure of himself, he doesn’t believe he’d roast John Petrucci in a guitar battle—he knows it.

His music is cooler than yours, his gear is more advanced, and his knowledge is never-ending. He is an annoying guitar player, and he’s about to tell you why you’re playing that Metallica riff wrong.

Not to be confused with guitar players who suck, annoying guitar players can usually at least play in tune. The issue is that because of their average grasp of the fretboard, their overconfidence brims as if they’re the second coming of Yngwie Malmsteen (who’s overrated, in their opinion).

The only real way to deal with these annoying guitar players is to let them talk themselves out, slowly nodding your head like a zombie until they get distracted with the latest outboard gear release from their favorite high-end boutique company.

They’ll take plenty of time to memorize the specs and explain them to you in excruciating detail, despite having no skills to actually justify buying that $3,200 compressor.